ATA question yet again....


Nov 26, 2001
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ATA pilot or Tristar Drvr,

Just want to ask you guys how the training is at ATA.

Do you guys have a sim training facility or is it done through flight safety.

Let's see what else.....Oh yeah..I was reading some old info I have on ATA and it mentioned a 2-yr training contract to get employed, although I don't mind but just curious is it still in effect?

Alright guys, thank you for any info.

2992 Set !!!


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Nov 27, 2001
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ATA doesn't have its own sim facility yet. Plans are to construct one near Chicago Midway Airport. ATA does own its own simulators for the 757 and 737. The 757 sim is in an America West facility in PHX and I believe the 737 sim is in Atlanta. These sims will be moved to the facility at MDW when it is completed. 757 and 737 training has taken place at other airline's facilities and Boeing facilities in Seattle. As for the L1011, ATA uses Delta's facilities in ATL. All of the training is performed bt ATA instructors. However ATA used Boeing instructors while they were spooling up on the 737-800 program.

As for the training contract I don't know. When I hired in, it was for two years and prorated. As today is my third year anniversary at ATA, it doesn't matter to me anymore.