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ATA Posts USD$1.5 Million Profit

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Registered User
Nov 25, 2001
Good for them!

While major carriers have posted big first quarter losses, Indiana-based scheduled and charter ailrine American Trans Air today defied the trend by announcing a USD$1.5 million profit for the period.

Despite the difficulties of the aviation sector since September the result was a turn round from the first three months of 2001, when ATA stacked up losses of USD$4.8 million.

The airline attributed part of its improved performance to the introduction of new fuel efficient Boeing aircraft into its fleet which, together with a drop in fuel prices, helped cut costs.

Amtran's president and chief executive officer, John Taque, said: "The extraordinary effort of our employees and the loyalty of our customers has allowed Amtran to produce a first quarter profit in a very difficult airline environment.

"We were certainly not immune to the weakness of the industry's revenue performance in the first quarter of 2002. However, the efficiency and reliability of our new fleet helped us to reduce our unit cost by over 12 per cent.

"Looking forward, we expect the cost savings attributable to our new fleet to continue.

The company reported an operating income of USD$10.1 million, compared with an operating loss of USD$2.2 million in the first quarter of 2001.
Hiring? Maybe. Who knows. ATA continues taking delivery of new airplanes, and the training department falls further behind on training 727 pilots in one of the other types on the property. Eventually management will wake up one day and find the company understaffed.

Send in a resume, keep updating, and you may eventually get called. Perhaps by then ATA pilots will be working under a new contract with decent pay, good work rules, and a retirement plan.
Great, a little profit.

Now maybe they can afford to pay their pilots industry standard wages for a change.
I heard that the chief pilot stated that they were in the process of taking all the 727 guys and training them on the 738. Until that process is finish they will not be hiring off the street. Once that process happens it still takes warm bodies to move metal......great company to work for as you get the best of both worlds.

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