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ATA Interviews

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Well-known member
Jan 16, 2002
Around six or seven weeks ago there were several of us on the board who received application from ATA and turned them in around the middle of July. I'm curious to hear if anyone has been called for an interview or have the announced cutbacks put an end to hiring?
They had interviews the week of August 12-15 but I haven't heard any results or notice of the next interviews. They are retiring 3 L-1011s but taking another 5 (I think) 737s where they are already understaffed. All together they should still be needing another 20 or so pilots depending on how the August interviewees did.
I was one of the pilots interviewing in IND. My interview date was 8/12. Just got the letter in the mail stating that I was accepted and being placed in the pool for a future class date.

It was truly a great experience meeting the ATA folks in IND. Just hope the phone rings soon with a class date. Playing Mr. Mom is getting old right now. Good Luck.

For those of interested.

Here are the remaining delivery slots (subject to change of course) for 2002 and beyond.

Recently ATA sent home a new-hire class for the L1011 after announcing that they are retiring 3 L10's this year. However, they called them a week later and told them the class is back on.

Interesting point....ATA was already planning on retiring 3 L10's at the end of this year. It almost seems that they are playing the PR card in anticipation of the Federal Loan Guarantees.

For those waiting to interview. I wish I had more news for you. Our training department is overwhelmed trying to finish the training that was generated from last years System Bid. As an example...I was supposed to be on the 737 effective Jun 1 but they won't release me from the 757 to go to training because they are so short of 757 pilots.

Hang in there....I know...easier said than done when you are the one looking from outside the fence.

- ed

Delivery / In-Service Summary 737-800

Registration # (Tail #) Delivery Date Current In-Service Date

Currently in Service: 27 aircraft

N326TZ October 2002
N327TZ November 2002
N328TZ November 2002
N329TZ December 2002
N330TZ December 2002
N331TZ June 2003
N332TZ January 2004
N333TZ February 2004
N334TZ March 2004
N335TZ April 2004
N336TZ May 2004
N337TZ May 2004
N338TZ July 2004
N339TZ August 2004

Delivery / In-Service Summary 757-300

Currently in Service: 9 aircraft

N559TZ August 2002
N560TZ May 2003
N561TZ June 2003
Just got off the phone with someone who is going out to IND for an interview during the week of 9/16.


Waiting on that class date.
ata interview

Just got the call yesterday. Interview date 9/19. Anyone w/ a good gouge? Also does anyone know where I can view the new contract?

Try the willflyforfood web site. Very accurate. ATA hasn't changed the interview process in ten years. Make sure to get along with everybody.

I've worked for ATA for two months now and still don't have a copy of the new contract. Should be out in the next week or so.

Thanks. Have you heard the hiring projection for this and next year? Also how long did you wait after your interview to actually start class? Is there a pool?

Read my above message. I'm in the pool. PM me if you have any questions.


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