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ATA Application

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IBT does not represent ME
Nov 27, 2001
Has anyone received an ATA application in the mail recently?

If so...

When did you first apply?

What are your flight times?

Have you heard anything back?

If so, how long did it take between returning the app and hearing from them?

Thanks for the info.
Faxed my resume on Jan 23, 2002

Received application around Feb 8.

Completed & Returned on Feb 15.

The application asks for far more thought than most other airlines. It contains 9 essay questions. I had a xerox copy from a friend's app prior to receiving mine, so I was able to have it ready to go upon receipt. Otherwise, it probably would have taken me longer than a week to complete.

I applied sometime in August and received an application around Feb 8th as well. I filled out and returned the application something like 2 years ago and never heard anything. When you do get the app I am told to spend the time on it because this will weed people out based on the essay questions. Now I have a job with EJA so I guess I'll file it away.
little help

I can't find any ATA info on the net anywhere (CP, fax # etc). Anyone willing to point me in the right direction.
The latest system bid through the Fall shows a net increase of 8 airplanes for the year. At 6 crews per airplane....gonna need to hire about a 80 - 100 folks this year. But they haven't said anything officially.

Good Luck
Embarrasing, miserable, pitiful. Let's just say I made more as a commuter Captain then I have after almost 4 years here.

That being said we are in the end game of negotiations the result of which will be an industry standard payscale.
Which Industry? The CAL, SWA, industry or the UAL, DAL, AA. Perhaps somewhere in between. Could you post the new pay scale and other benefits that have come about with the new contract when they become available. Do you think you all will get CAL +10%? Keep us informed.


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