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AT/SWA SLI Question


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Jul 30, 2018
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Forgive me, I am relatively new to this airline thing. I have a quick question. Why don't airlines just go to an arbitrator right from the start? Have any airlines ever done it without going to an arbitrator? I would imagine with any SLI, some people are going to be ticked off, and the MCs would rather point the finger to an arbitrator, then themselves. So, why not just skip the "cordial" SLI meetings, and expedite this process by going straight to arbitration? Thanks.


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Apr 4, 2004
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I have a quick question. Why don't airlines just go to an arbitrator right from the start? Have any airlines ever done it without going to an arbitrator?

Railway Labor Act. I'm far from an expert but there's a legal process for negotiating an airline contact. Many, if not most, airline pilot contracts are done without arbitration.

Each side wold prefer to take a good shot at getting their goals in regular negotiations. The arbitrator can always be called in when all else has failed.

Seniority list integration is a BIG deal.


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Sep 2, 2003
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You are forgiven! Go and sin no more...

The Federal Government, as preserved in a corrupted form that would not be recognized by President Jefferson by the Liberal Federalist Lincoln and the illegal war he waged has decreed that airlines are as vital to the Nation's Security and Prosperity as the Railroads were back during the Civil War (well, the North did have better organized rail systems and look who won-oh yeah, they had the smelters and foundries to produce steel in quantities and the factories to produce steam engines and rails and more importantly cannons, rifles, bayonets and chipped beef en mass, but that's another story).

Once the Feds become involved it is likely that the next Ice Age or Extinction Level Event will happen before there is a positive outcome-and that's the point of the Railway Labor Act, to preserve the status quo.

Status Quo-in other words-No One Wins!

Remember that while you are browsing your next issue of the ALPO or Teamsters monthly menstrual rag-because in spite of all their politically correct (and there's the crux of the problem along with all of the dollars from dues and insurance and pensions) the Unions are now big business in and of themselves and are all show and no go when it comes down to brass tacks...

If management weren't corrupt we wouldn't need unions...on the other hand if unions weren't corrupt we wouldn't need the Feds...and if people in general weren't corrupt we wouldn't need government at all!

I realize that some people will be offended by that post but they are all people who believe they are perfect in their politically correct (the ultimate oxymoron if there ever was one!) conduct or their Conservatism (no, they would have blown their brains out to atone for their sins for all have fallen short and etc.) and so be it. Please don't run out and slit your wrists in a fit of desperation just because in human terms the situation is absolutely hopeless because humans are so fracked up, it's not your fault at all-we're all human and all flawed and thus corrupt and corruptible.

I've only been through two negotiation cycles and you can see how I turned out...


I hold in equal contempt the Feds, Management, the Unions. I pity Crew Scheduling and only want to be left alone on my days off so that I can pretend to be human and go hunting or fishing or pull weeds in my mater patch...or work on loads for my muzzle loader-heck, the season is coming!

Which means winter is coming and the only thing that sucks worse than winter is government...
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