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At Delta, Freedom Rings

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Well-known member
Nov 15, 2002
US Court Stops Delta From Ending Contract

July 3, 2009
A US federal appeals court this week affirmed a decision by a lower court to prevent Delta Air Lines from ending a flying agreement with a regional carrier, court documents show.
The court's preliminary injunction will remain in place while the case proceeds in district court, the regional carrier, Mesa Air Group, said in a statement Thursday.
In 2008, Delta canceled its agreement with a Mesa subsidiary saying it had poor completion rates. Mesa contended those cancellations stemmed from Delta's decision to run Mesa flights out of John F Kennedy Airport and were beyond the airline's control.
Mesa's subsidiary, Freedom Airlines, canceled hundreds of flights after its move to the airport, which is known for congested air traffic.
"The evidence showed that Delta induced Mesa to agree to Delta's coordinated cancellations by promising not to count such cancellations against it," the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit said in its decision.
"And then, having benefited from Mesa's willingness to extend Delta this courtesy, attempted to cancel the parties' contract on the theory that this promise was invalid as a matter of law."

We landed on the moon! OMG!!!
Not sure about the others but Delta's is 2012.

I am sure there are provisions in there for a base closing in which they are flying in.....
So was Delta going to return that flying to mainline, or simply give it to another contract carrier? Wait, what decade is this?

I think it will be easy enough to differentiate between screw ups and JFK delays.

The rest of the bumbo-jumbo is just so the lawyers can pay for their expensive lifestyles.
Please remember you are not dealing with Delta but NWA and they will not give up till they get what they want..

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