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Assistant Chief Pilot?

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Well-known member
Dec 15, 2001
Hey!! guys,
Has anyone gone through the assistant chief check ride recently mainly in orlando FSDO. What to expect on the oral and in flight. Any info will be of great help. Thanks in advance.....

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Orlando FSDO

I have not, but I wish you the best of luck. That Orlando FSDO is a real work of art. Several years ago I went there to renew my CFI. Some inspector there hassled me about my pass/fail record and wanted to call FSI, where I had been working but had just left for another job. This inspector gave me an extremely bad time and very nearly threatened to 609 me - and all I wanted to do was renew my CFI because my most recent students and employer were in that district. I had always renewed my CFI at the Scottsdale FSDO when I worked for Riddle. No hassles whatsoever. None at all, and I was always treated with great courtesy and professionalism.

In fact, I told my story to a good friend of mine who is a fed in Portland. She knew this inspector. My friend, who is with the FAA and is here to help, actually did help. She apologized to me for what had happened to me in Orlando!

Once again, rotsa ruck, but good luck on your ride.
Sorry I'm so out of date (apparently). I never realized there was such a thing as a "check ride for Chief Pilots"

Would someone tell me whare I can find this and the requirements in the FARs?

My experience with the FAA has been that it varies from FSDO to FSDO. I think you are referring to Part 141 Chief Flight Instructors and Assistant Chief Flight Instructors. Are you? I wasn't sure...so I will guess you are. According to FARs, the Assistant Chief Instructor of a partr 141 school is NOT required to ride with the Feds, but must meet the requirements in the FARs. I was a chief instructor at a part 141 school once...and I had an oral, and then flew in every plane in our fleet and had to demonstrate various maneuvers from each PTS from each course we were certified to teach under Part 141. It was a lengthy and expensive process (since we had many different types of aircraft and did private through ATP). I'm not sure if this was your question.
o.k the experiences with FSDO can vary. i did my CFI checkride with orlando FSDO and the experience was good while my other friends were hasselled on different stuffs. one of them even had to go to the FSDO 9 times to finish his check ride. so things can vary and i've no idea about this assistant chief stuff so i'd put this thread here. my chief flight instructor told me that there will be an oral mainly on FAR's 141 and basic instructing and then a flight consisting of whatever the examiner wants to see. i've applied for assistant chief position for a 141 school and that will mainly serve that purpose of stage checks on 141 instrument course. so i can assume that the examiner might do some instrument stuff with me as well. the requirements for assistant chief are written in FAR 141.36 and it doesn't clearly says what do they mean by knowledge test and proficiency test. thanks to u guys for writing something on it.

Check that its three greens.....

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