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ASE reservation question

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Jan 2, 2005
Any idea when the landing reservations start at Aspen for ski season. Have a trip Sept 18-20 and I think we are ok.

Your fine, but expect changes in obtaining slots next season. According to the faa office that gives the slots, they are going to try to stop people from getting slots and not using them or selling them. I believe this will also make it more difficult for the fractionals in getting all the slots. I dont know all the details but Im sure we will see a change.
taken off their website----:)

Ski Country STMP Recommendations for the 2005-2006 Ski Season
GJT airport will be removed from the Ski Country STMP airports.
2005-2006 calendar dates for STMPs are tentatively set for: December 17, 2005, through January 4, 2006; February 17, 2006, through February 20, 2006; and March 17, 2006, through April 3, 2006. Note that this is dramatically less than in previous years, which usually began on November 27 and ended near April 15.
Revised and expanded Ski Country Playbook Routes, which will be required for all operators wishing to operate into Ski Country airports. These playbook routes will be implemented and effective beginning December 12, 2005, through March 30, 2006. Note that it is imperative that customers make every effort to file the appropriate playbook routing when flying to the Ski Country area. These routes will be in the NOTAM issued for the Ski Season. Customer compliance of these routings will directly determine the overall success of the dramatic reduction in the Ski STMP reservation dates. All pilots and associated flight support personnel must be fully acquainted with the available routing information.
Clearer notification on the e-STMP website of Ski STMP cancellations as well as overall requirements for reservations. For instance, on a date in which the Ski STMP may have actually been cancelled, users may receive a message saying that reservations “are not required for your time of arrival,” when indeed the program has already been cancelled for that particular day.
It would be nice if they could keep the Frac's from scooping up every slot within 2 seconds of it becoming available.

Glad to hear GJT will be off the list.
you want to hear a blood curdling scream...just tell pax they gotta go to The Junction.:) ...followed by extreme disappointment
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Denver Slot Season again....

May he (or she) with the fastest internet connection win!

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