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The 24 hr per diem is a nice addition to the check. About 1100 bucks in addition to the 75 hrs.

The 24 hr per diem only applies if you are not ATL based. When I was hired, all us DFW guys got it, but the ATL guys only got the 8 hrs of per diem for when they were in class each day. That was back in '02.
IFlyFL410 said:
The 24 hr per diem only applies if you are not ATL based. When I was hired, all us DFW guys got it, but the ATL guys only got the 8 hrs of per diem for when they were in class each day. That was back in '02.

That's THE REASON they closed the DFW base, I hear. Cheap bastards.
Thanks to everybody who helped answer my questions above, I really appreciate it.

Still curious about the junior lineholder in ATL...I've seen the many posts on this board about how reserve at ASA is miserable, and *especially* if I decide to commute, I wanna know how long I have to expect the beatings. Thanks again!

I can't always help myself with sarcastic posts (re: my post above).....I have a modern internet-only version of Tourette's Syndrome.

So I guess I owe you a serious reply here.

Reserve blows at any airline, but especially at ASA since the scheduling department seems to pay bonuses to its personnel based on how inefficiently they utilize available pilots, compounded by how miserably they treat those airmen.

However, you might survive IF:

1) You will need a crashpad, and you will spend 20+ days a month in Atlanta. Atlanta blows, so bring lots of coloring books.

2) Commuting will likely become even more difficult due to flight cuts, and due to the likely change to S3C priority for ASA (which means a fat retired L-1011 captain and his 28-year-old 5th wife and their 6 stepkids going to Aunt Tillie's for the weekend will bump you, in uniform, from getting to work.)

3) You will get NO "give-and-take" from crew scheduling, so if they call and ask you for a "favor", and you think "great, then they'll remember me and know that I'm cool and return the favor one day".....well it ain't gonna ever happen! My advice: follow the FAR's and Contract closely from day one and learn the rules ASAP to prevent from having to explain to the FAA why you busted a reg. (and "because scheduling told me to" ain't worth squat in an FAA investigation.)
Well, I only looked CR2 ATL for you. ATR is going away in 2007, so expect that list to be wierd from here on out. CR7 should not even be looked at until it pays(year 2) to go there as it will always be more senior.

to be assured of hardline, March 7, 2005 hire date.
to be assured of relief line, May 16, 2005 hire date.

Now for my disclaimers,

This comes after a year of buying a lot of airplanes. We have 6 CR2 scheduled to be delivered by the first half of next year. Management has said that they don't even want them. They want bigger. There are more 70's coming to Skywest Inc. It has not be said where they are going, but, I would guess that the majority of 70's for Delta will go to ASA and the 70's for Yo-nited will go to Skywest. That would be close to even distribution. Both carriers need to grow to keep costs on par.

When I was hired several years ago(pre 9/11) the picture looked like this:

upgrade on Brasilia 7 months
upgrade on jet 24 months
reserve 3 months on jet, 1 month on Brasilia
attrition was 60 a month

reality for me was 18 months on reserve. Upgrade is now 4 plus years. Attrition is about 10-15 a month now. Many of those have been junior guys.
Point is, its hard to figure out. If you plan to commute on reserve, plan on only going home for your 4 golden days. Consider any extra time at home a bonus.
I think at the moment reserve is running 6 mnths to hold a relief line about a year to hold a hard line, but that can change. Reserve is not so bad if we are properly staffed. You just have no idea if you are going to be called for an assignment until they call or you just happen to see it online. Can be as little as 2 hrs to as much as a days notice. There is no seniority based reserve at ASA which is what really bites. Very poor control of your life in addition to other things.
Thanks for the info fellas, once again I really appreciate it!

There is no seniority based reserve at ASA

That sucks...do you at least have the right to declare for first or last call while on reserve? If I'm gonna be down there I'd rather be flying than sitting around, but it sounds to me like that system would make it more convenient to extend somebody than call a reserve, making everybody's life miserable.

I would imagine this is a major issue for negotiations...am I wrong?
Be aware of what you hear on here... Reserve at ASA is not bad. I came from 135 where I was oncall 24/7 with a 45 minute callout. Now thats bad. However reserve here... 2 hours call, normally the day before. 10 gareenteed days off with 4 in a row that the cant touch. Right now we have 75+ people on reserve so we dont fly. I might fly 2 days a week right now. Of course I just jinksed myself!!! As for how long, this is my first real reserve month (last month was integration) and I am 21 numbers from the first relief line. Next mnoth I could hold a line or I could be 100 numbers from the first relief line.


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