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I am hearing 2 inside RUMORS. These come from a new jet captain who has recently been around the training center.

RUMOR #1: They will be hiring real soon. Possibly next month. I wouldn't get your hopes up though.

RUMOR #2: The recuiting department is re-evaluating everyone in the pool. Since there is an abundance of qualified, experienced pilots on the street, and well, we all know that the company has historically brought in a lot of low-time pilots.

Remember these are just RUMORs. I would not believe anything until I see it!
As for rumor #1, I would not get your hopes up for that one. The training department is booked training all of the EMB-120 pilots coming over to the RJ right now. I hope we do start hiring agian soon, but I would be willing to bet it won't happen until the 70 seat is on-line and there are a few of them around sometime this summer. We are supposed to be flying them in revenue service April 1st. This will take some of the "meat' out of the FAT CRJ pilot list. There are currently 290 pilots for 177 lines on the RJ. The EMB-120 lines continue to shrink so no growth there, and the ATR's lines are not going to change either since we are just keeping the airplanes we have.

There is plenty of growth in DFW, but that is all going to Skywest. They now have mechanics stationed there with spare planes and I am pretty sure a crew domicle next month. Why would Delta do that you ask.........our contract is up in September and Skywest is non-union so its not hard to see what the story is!

The last company newsletter stated we should get around 24 new jets this year, but with the EMB retirements it may just be a "WASH" when it comes to a net gain in aircraft.

Not trying to be a downer, just letting you know the other side of the rumor mill......and I do stress RUMOR because it is subject to change at least three more times this week!

I hope we start hiring tomorrow so I can get some people under me on the senority list!

Good luck
Muchas Gracias to your reply's!
I heard rumors as well. Only my rumors were more of they were hiring right now.
Better to get inside rumors than outside ones.
Anyway, my total time is still a little short of their minimums.
Guess i'll keep on keepin on till things get better. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. And, maybe those real experienced guy's and gals on the street will be called back to their employers sooner than we all might expect.

RUMOR #1: It appears that this may be a reality. I received a call this afternoon from the company. It looks like there may be a Feb. class.
Farout Noplanenogain!
Good luck!
Do you think hiring req's. will stay the same or do you think they'll become more strick? Ya know with all the experience on the street.
Or, would alot of those people not be to interested simply because of pay reasons?


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