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ASA training

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Well-known member
Apr 3, 2005
How is ASA's training? How long? Is it held in ATL? Do you get travel passes from the get go so you can go home on the weekends?

Do a search!

Search this board and you will find many, many, many, many many, many, well you get the pont. Numerous posts on the subject.;)
Do a search, these issues have been covered many times.

But in a nutshell, the training is excellent. It will take about 3 months from start of training to finish of IOE if everything goes perfect, but you will most likely get a couple weeks off before IOE starts if the trend continues. It's held just north of the airport at ATL at the Flightsafety and the company GO. You don't get your travel benefits until 30 days employment, but you will get your company ID within the first day or so, allowing you to jumpseat.
hotwings402 said:
How is ASA's training? How long? Is it held in ATL? Do you get travel passes from the get go so you can go home on the weekends?


Good. 8 weeks. Yes. No, but you can jumpseat.
i just finished my first 2 weeks of training at asa. when i went there it was with the assumption i would be there for 8 weeks or so, therefore i packed a ton of stuff to get me through all that time, not sure of when i would get home next. unlike alot of my class who lived within about a 12 hour drive and brought cars, i flew standby on delta on a onetime pass courtesy of asa. during indoc we were told half the class would have one week off prior to systems, the rest having two weeks off. (cool by me, paid time off) however, due to the pass travel benefits not kicking in for 30 days, i only have the option of jumpseating (thankfully). but doing that, i can't check any baggage and our stay at the lovely (not) red roof inn is canceled until we start back, what to do with all my stuff? it's not like i have had time to move there or get a crash pad or whatever. luckily befriended somebody from a previous class who is staying there and was kind enough to let me use his room as a storage closet. also, i have to travel on delta so assurance of getting a jumpseat is not known since we cannot list on them, only walk up an hope for the best. i actually only got home cuz some nice gate agent figured out some way to get me on who knows how but as a standy pax. also, can't look up loads and stuff in travelnet yet either. again, thankful for friends who can. if u are only going home for weekends, then u get to keep your room and leave your stuff there, and if u jumpseat on asa at least u can book the thing. if they are giving u that much time off, then i think they should at least give u a pass to get back home and back to atl. other than that, training has been good so far, indoc pretty easy, hotel not so good, area by the hotel not so good, asa instructors and other employees i have met have been nice and helpful.
You get paid from day one. Doesn't matter if you have to wait a month between events.

As for ASA not giving you passes to travel. Get used to it! The HATE commuters here. They will NOT go any extra to help you out. Doesn't matter if your base (DFW) closed after 18 years. They are not going to help you.

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