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ASA Scoop as of 3/22/02

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Pilot Guy
Nov 25, 2001
Was at the G/O today and talked with a pilot recruiter. Here is the latest. No new-hire class scheduled in the near future. But, she did say that when it does get scheduled, the pool will then be empty. Therefore, any future classes after the next one will require interviewing again in order to staff it.

BUT, who knows when the next class will be.

I guess we must chill, to the next episode.
That s#cks!

Heard last Friday that there would be a "larger" class in May, which would empty the pool, and since my mother always said I had selective hearing that's what I'm sticking with!

To paraphrase Mark Twain, "If you don't like the hiring news at ASA, wait a minute, it will change."

They are going to be at AS3 for the career resource center. Perhaps someone who goes can ask. I talked to Loreeta Boyd at WIA.

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