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ASA question ???

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Jan 3, 2002
I have an interview with ASA in a few weeks, and was just wondering if anyone knows what is the best way to prep for the Simulator evaluation. They said the sim would be in an ATR. Are there any simulators that are recommended that are better than others.? Any suggestions are highly appreciated...thank you in advance.
For a fellow Navy guy I'll reply.

Don't sweat the ATR sim, its a breeze. Only surprise is how much it rises when you drop the final flaps, expect to push nose down and trim, especially if anywhere near glide slope intercept.

I did the interview thing at ASA, got hired but went elsewhere.

Right before the sim my evaluator did a 1v1 with me to "discuss my experience." It was a bushwack. He asked me aero and systems questions, so be ready. (How does an airplane turn?, etc.) The sim profile was really basic. Takeoff, climb outbound on a radial and level off, turn to intercept another radial (to prove you can use a CDI), he failed an engine (use your own EP) then gave it back, turn to intercept and fly ILS to a landing, breaking out at minimums.

The toughest part is the length of the day. Starts at eight and my sim was at 6pm - and I went first which I highly recommend.

Don't sweat the stick and throttle, but study Jepps and airline FARs.

Good luck.

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