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ASA planes????

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So I keep reading that Skywest, Comair, and ASA are getting more planes. Yahoo News also keeps updating that Skywest and Comair are expanding into new routes, mainly out of Dallas.....which, as most know, ASA has a base there. Well, if ASA, Skywest and Comair are all getting new planes, and Skywest and Comair are expanding......what is ASA doing with the airplanes they are getting. Are they replacing Brasilia's with the new jets, and that's why they aren't expanding out of DFW and other areas? Are they waiting for a new contract, which could be years away? Obviously, Delta learned a thing or two the last time one of their wholly owned subsidiaries went on strike and don't want to repeat that.

So if I'm missing something here, or someone else has more information that you can share, then please do. Thanks.
Good question ????

The aircraft are arriving including a 70 seater in January, service to begin in March. This will require at least 2 70's on property.

Jet lines went from 161 in November to 191 in December.

The January lines may shed some light on what expansion if any is going to take place. We went from a surplus of jet crews to a shortage in 1 month. Crews have been getting drafted as of late including 1 FO who was drafted on an off day while out of town. They had him come back in to town to pick up a trip !!!! This guy was a line holder with 1.5 yrs seniority.

Don't answer that phone folks unless you know who is calling !!!!!!!

The January lines will be out on Dec 12. Maybe then we will have an idea what is happening.

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