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ASA PBS Vote Fails!!!

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the palm

Well-known member
Oct 13, 2008
Sources are telling me it failed by only 36 votes and only 42% of the pilot group participated.

Thanks to all of you apathetic jerks who didn't bother to voice your opinion. Now we are stuck with this crap line bidding system, red arrow days and we can't compete for flying with the likes of SKYW, CMR and all the other bottom feeders. I can't wait to be stuck on reserve for another 3 years until I get displaced back to the right seat while I watch all of our flying go bye bye.

Don't say I didn't warn you. Congrats, all. See you in the unemployment line.
You are one of the Kool Aid drinking guys with their head in the sand. Wake up, and stop believing everything Scott tells you.
Not that I believe anything that this Palm says, but I thought about a week ago we got an email stating that there was about 50% who had voted.

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