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ASA newhire classes

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twott driver

Well-known member
Jul 16, 2003
Is it true that all newhire classes have been stopped? What gives with that?

We are already short, so my only conclusion is that there is going to be a drastic reduction in flying. Oh the joys........................
From what I heard only Sept was cancelled/postponed until OCT.. CRJ newhires were having to wait 30 days from their checkride to IOE, so they cancelled 1 class to get caught up.
They were still scheduling interviews as of last week. Mine is at the end of September.
My interview was postponed until I have 200 hours TT.

And when you graduate from Tab Express, Mesa will gladly take you in.;)
When I went through recurrent a couple weeks back, they seemed to indicate the slow down was purely for catch up reasons only. Once they get caught up in September, they will start classes again for newhires, but I don't think it will be 40 a month...more like 18-20.

October 3rd class fo the FNG

They, ASA, definitely scraped September for new hires but as it stands now, (feebly) October 3rd is on. A new cash infusion to Spondivits will begin with the latest Red Ruffers.
Source: Pilot Recruiting, T.A.

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