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ASA negotiations in Orlando.

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wood pecker

Well-known member
Feb 25, 2004
Now I see why management walked out to calculate a cost analysis in CHS. (Before I babble without any facts to support my babbling or conspiracy theory about management wanting a vacation with Mickey.)

Who decides on where the meetings take place. Was the new convention center near the ATL airport not available or does every meeting take place in a tourist friendly enviroment?

As far as schedules for JAN, there is a lot of room for improvement in FEB. Time to go save some fuel so I can benefit from the ASA fuel incentive program. ASA motto "go save us gas so we can F u in the As." Oh no not another return to the gate for a EFIS COMP MON msg.
The NMB decides where we meet.

:angryfireTake it to them ALPA Boys! We are BACKING YOU!!!! Give me the Strike Vote NOW!!!

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