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ASA Mechanics?!

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It'll Fly

You think?
Apr 10, 2005
Hey out there in ASA land. I am a seven year SkyWest mechanic who for the most part am happy with the work we do here at SKYW and the company in general.

I wanted to ask Any of the ASA guys out there how their department is doing since the buy and if it has affected them positively or negatively. On our side there has been no real news.

Oh, and Welcome aboard! I had the chance in DFW before we pulled out, to work with some of you guys and the exchange was always positive!

So Far, so good...

Things are actually pretty much the same as before the sale. Although, some of the folks on the Ivory Tower in ATL are leaving, which is all for the better in my opinion! Now it seems that rumors of closing SLC are rearing their heads again and with the schedule change in December, some of our outstation maintenance here in the East may be cut back/closed, although nothing definitive from Mgmt, yet.

All-in-all, we're most fortunate to be with Skywest....especialy seeing what is and will be happening with ComAir!

Tha Dawg
Good to hear from you.

As far as station closing I can give you some insight into Skywests MX DPT background. since I have been with the company I have watched SEA, DFW and IAH get closed. I was affected by the IAH closure. In every instance SkyWest has done what it could to retain all of the MX employees affected. In every instance the employee has had the chance to move to other stations and in most (if not all) cases the move was paid for. Our maint department even went overstaff to find room to keep that experience working for SKYW. In the cases where a employee was not retained it was his/her choice or circumstance.

This is one of the main reasons I really appreciate working here. Hopefully if closures become a reality for you guys your MNGT will adopt that If they don't already.

Good luck and don't believe the rumor until you see it for yourself.
ASA Mgmt

I would imagine if SLC did close that we would integrate into other stations. A good portion of the mechanics in SLC are from DFW and the prospect of closing another station, especially within an 18 month period, isn't appealing. I think most would agree that SKYW's management philosophy will be beneficial to ASA assuming we can rid all of the ex-Delta flunkies from our ranks.

One positive is that a few weeks ago our big-wigs met with SKYW Mgmt and after their pow-wow it was announced that ASA will start a profit-sharing program like SKYW's. That would have been unheard of before the sale!!

Take Care!

Tha Dawg -- IYAMYAS!!
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Mark, I had no idea you were so intellectual. You must have pondered on that one all day long. Funny. Now get back to work.


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