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ASA Management...

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Well-known member
Jun 17, 2005
Just a FYI for all you ASA people. The change in our pass benefits is a go, July 2006!

That means that our management is lying to us. They are telling you that this proposed change is not final. HA! Talk to our people at the out stations. It is final and they are concerned by the mass exit of employees.

Can you say "used car salesmen."
Just ask any station manager. The CPs and station managers were told of the decision at the GeekTech Managers meeting a month ago. Then the story broke and management crapped themselves at how many people quit or threatened to quit and chose "deny and delay".

They are running back to back FA classes, even though they gave away leaves without pay to FAs for December. They know most of our FAs are only here for passes and will quit, thus shutting the place down. They hope to hire enough to cover it when they quit after the announcement. 'Aint gonna work. Spread the word to all of the FAs you know, this is going to be fun... watch the show come January.
Reduced Travel Benefits = Reduced Compensation

If ASA reduces our travel benefits, it should be consider a pay cut. The fact of the matter is, when we were all hire we were told the type of benefits we would be getting. It is grossly UNFAIR for MGNT to change our compensation just because. I understand we are not owned by Delta anymore, however, these benefits are being negotitated by Skywest on our behalf with Delta. Skywest should do whatever it takes to maintain STAUS QUO, god knows they are doing a great with our contract. We must stand unified and be loud and clear.


At the very least ALPA must recognize this fact and state it as such. ASA pilots deserve the travel benefits promised when we were all hire. However, if the union is ok with us taking concessions with something so simple, god help us.

The bottom line is travel benefits are part of our compensation package, and they shouldn't be changed for the heck of it.

Let's stay united and let managment know how we feel about this possible decrease in compensation. Actions speak louder than words.......
Yeah, part of the deal when you were hired and owned by DAL. We aren't anymore and it happens all the time when companies are bought and sold. What makes us any different? Nothing. Get over it, it sucks, but that's business. If it was important to managment then they would do something different. I guess we'll see come July.
The S3C on Delta doesn't bug me very much. The problem I will have is when/if I leave the gate with Delta employees on board and leave an ASA pilot or employee at the gate. It will be worse when/if an ASA pilot commuting to work gets removed from a jumpseat due to a weight restrictions and a Delta employee is in the back. Lets hope that doesn't happen. Nothing against Delta and their employees, but we need to be able to take care of our own first. Then if there are empty seats I will be happy to take everybody I can.
:angryfireJust another example of a "DisHonest" mgmnt! They don't even have the b@lls to step up and tell any of us! I am so sick of this crap! I say "Shut Er Down!":uzi:
Does the ever-so-ignorant(and drunk by the way(2 DWI's on her record from what I've heard)) ***DELETED*** still work at ASA??
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