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ASA maintenance cancellations

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Member since 1967
Mar 2, 2002
Anybody notice the surge of cancellations due to maintenance?

What is this about? The mechanics are definitely short staffed, but this seems to be a large spike. Has it anything to do with the mechanics voting on unionization this week?

Could it be due to lack of crews? Would you put it past Mgmt to mis-code these cancellations to keep the "I told you so"'s down?
It's largely the parts inventory that has been the problem. The company does not have the part at said maintenance base, or the company doesn't have it in stock period. The line maintenance has booted 7 guys in the past week for various things as well...
Language on the bus in two cases I believe.

Stupid stupid stupid!!

No joke or remark is worth your job, so use some sense!!!
apparently quite a few aircraft damages in IAD from the ground support folks up there as well.
Funny. I was on the bus and the mechanics were discussing what "idiots" the pilots were because they will fly a broke APU out of MEM all the time, no problem, but refuse them in ATL just "because they can". We should just "grow a sack" and fly the plane! The language was quite rough, also and was said in ear shot of a bunch of pilots. Not that I think any of these guys should remotely get fired. It was kind of funny.
Anybody notice the surge of cancellations due to maintenance?

What is this about?

In my opinion about the POS airplanes we fly, and how they should all be in the desert.
I think they're running out of bubblegum and duct tape. There must be a run on chicken wire too. In all honesty though- the airplanes in IAD have been falling apart faster than they can be pieced together. It's been extremely bad recently.

If you pass through Columbia and pick up an aircraft that is on the way from the "maintenance" hangar, you're going to be late. Also, for some reason, every aircraft I have picked up from there has had write ups with an oil issue, of some sort. Three cases I know off the top of my head involved landing with nearly NO oil in one of the engines. Oil watch programs seem to be in abundance also. Weird stuff.
What? this is unacceptable. Send CP KS out to the line and scream and belittle the planes to work or there will be hell to pay! Just because the company is running the planes and the pilots through the ringer is no excuse for either in his opinion to falter at all. Ya put KS on it he will straighten it out.:rolleyes:

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