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Nov 28, 2001
Last week in the Chief Pilot Forum and Free KoolAid session, BL mentioned some "idiot" who posted online last week that we are losing our S3s. He inferred that it caused an uproar at Delta because they were pissed that ASA leaked info from their "inside" meetings. Boo hoo, maybe you shouldn't announce stuff at your manager meetings and then tell the measly workers that no announcement has been made. Glad to see you guys read Flightinfo.

Now give us a contract and our S3s or lose your jobs when we strike!

By the way, anyone notice BL was so defensive, really even angry?. A union rep sat in the first row shooting questions at him and it looked like he wanted to kill the guy! I kind of miss Skip's level headed approach. It's better when they lie to us nicely. If you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen, Brian. We didn't invite you to the forum.
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DeltaNet infoXchange board actually had the first posting of this information. It then made its way to Flightinfo.com

BTW, that "idiot" was probably a middle-manager over at the G.O. Was he trying to say that it was a pilot who posted it? That figures.

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