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ASA IAD bid lines!!!!!

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Well-known member
Feb 7, 2004
WTF? This is a mostly commuter base and we have daylines galore, not to mention that none of them are commutable!! Its like they are trying to piss us off. Its time for them to see how much we've been carrying this operation up here.
33% res coverage, what kind of crap is that!! What is industry standard for res staffing compared to lines? worst lines I have seen since start up. Guess this is just the precursor to PBS, that way it doesnt seem so crappy.
Doesn't matter what management thinks, you can't change facts. We are the only thing keeping these crappy planes in the air!! 97% completion rate so far this month, after seeing these lines, I bet it goes further down. With everyone calling in sick for these day lines next month, they are gonna need that 33% res coverage.
At least they didn't take all our lines for training.
Why would you bid ATL if you want to stay in IAD?

Want IAD for a line but sure as hell don't want to be stuck in IAD commuting to reserve because I gambled. Bid back to ATL to see where I stand and to be on the safe side in case the number of lines went down. Turned out to be a wise decision as there are 5 less lines in August then in July.

Had I known they were going to recall everybody and upgrade more captains from the start I would have bid back to the 700

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