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ASA Hiring

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This is Oklahoma Football
Jan 17, 2002
I have a friend who is interested in working for ASA, and have a few questions.

I read on a previous post they are not currently interviewing. Does anyone have a guess as to when they will start interviewing?

Also, are new hires paid while in training, and are accomodations provided?

Lastly, how senior is DFW?
Well, ASA does pay while in training and does provide
accomodations until the completion of training.

As of the Feb class, it looks like about half went to DFW and half to Atlanta. Your friend probably would have their choice on that.

Now about the hiring. They are not currently interviewing and have a large pool waiting for classes. I hear conflicting rumors on the interviewing though. I first heard that there were going to be no interviews and no additional classes (after March) until early fall. But I also heard last week that there were going to be two classes in March and continuing indefinetly throughout the year and interviews would begin in late March or early April. I heard there were going to be 300 new pilots on the list by years end.

Who knows. Probably the best source for answers for this would be someone in the March class so any March newhires chime in on this!!!!!!!

P.S. All this info will probably change by tomorrow.

Hope this helps though

I'm in the march class and depending on who you talked to there could be many more classes this year or we could be the last one, which is what one high up manager told us. Seems to change every day. Hope there's more so I'm not stuck at the bottom for too long!
Just a note to add to ASAFO's reply:

Tell your friend that DFW FOs seem to be spending a lot less time on reserve than ATL FOs, not sure if the trend will continue, but it may be something to consider for anyone in newhire class.

Best of luck.
No question about it. Low seniority folks in ATL have lived on reserve for I don't know how long. I know it's got to suck.

I'm DFW based and am very thankful. I've been at ASA 8 months. March is the first month I've had to sit reserve, however, lines have increased by 8 and I'll likely be off of reserve again in April.

Granted, this is regarding the CRJ. Things could change, however. Many E-120 FOs have moved over to the RJ and understandably so.

Apparently we're hiring from the pool, but no one seems to know if it will persist beyond March.
16 months and counting for reserve in ATL on the CRJ as FO. Maybe I should bid DFW?? I'd be in the top 20 on the EMB.
How many are in the March new hire class and what a/c and domicile are they going to be put into?

Did I hear that a few doublebreasted bubba's are in this class?
Old Crow said:
Did I hear that a few doublebreasted bubba's are in this class?

No "doublebreasts" yet. We haven't started interviewing yet, just running classes to "drain the pool". It will be very interesting to see if any Delta furloughees actually take ASA up on their offer. I doubt any will... I don't see how they could afford it. ASA FOs start at $19.02 per hour and are nearly guarenteed a year on reserve, regardless of equipment in ATL.
What is ASA's offer to Delta and how does it affect the pool (which I am currently swimming in)? Also, does anyone know how ASA determines who leaves the pool first? If I have been finger printed by the company, is that a good sign?

Thanks for any input. I'm a bit out of touch here in Hawai'i.

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