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ASA FOs - Want any free stuff?

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See you in the Wasatch!
Jan 6, 2002
I used to work at ASA. I'm cleaning out my closet.

I have a hat band, hat emblem, FO wings, and velcro epaulets (for leather jacket) that I'll send you for the price of shipping if you need an extra set.

Let me know and send me your info. [email protected]

Ha! Good for you... Since they havent hired in a while,I didnt figure ther were any new hires that would want the stuff. I just cleaned out my closet this past weekend, and threw all the same stuff away!
These items are no longer available. They were snatched up quickly.
Preferably the "ASA" Series by David Clark?

LOL you're funny Metro! That was a good one!

So Paul you like to post people's myspace and names on the internet? You got quite a history on flightsim and vatsim forums. You think you're pretty tough hiding behind that computer screen huh? I HIGHLY suggest next time you think before putting someone's personal info on a public forum. Good day!
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