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ASA EMB120 On Open time?

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Oct 10, 2005
I was just checking open time for the week on crew track and noticed that the Brasilia is on the list of equipment. Why would that be??? I know some are going off to farther lands including Nepal of all places...Whats the deal? Please say it's not so....not the return of the flap monster!!!!:laugh:
regionalcap said:
It has always been on there. They just recently took DFW off the domicile list.

They finally took DFW off the list as a crew base because Scott Hall went out there last week to meet with the pilots in the crew lounge. Since he couldn't find the ASA crew lounge he went to the Eagle crew lounge and told them how they would have to be the lowest cost Delta Connection carrier or they could lose their flying to a lower cost carrier. He also said that if he can't control pilot expectations he could not sit on B.L.'s lap at the big conference table at the G.O. with the rest of dysfunctional ASA MISMANAGEMENT TEAM. He went on to tell the Eagle guys how honest he was and how they could always trust him. When he was told that he was in the Eagle crew lounge he responded that he was just rehearsing until he could get information on where ASA's other crew base was located. :laugh: (TIC)
Good one. He told us one day that we no longer had to checkmark the release but the other day when I was looking through our new book, I found where it said we had to check it????????????????? uhmm?

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