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ASA Class

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Slim Dusty

Mar 13, 2002
Got a call this morning for a May 6 class date, but need to decline because I got a 737 class instead. Does anyone know Julie Ellis' or ASA pilot recruitment phone number? Thanks
404-766-1400 extension 0, then just ask the operator for Julie. Congrats on the 73 class (make sure it's in writing before you call Julie!) I'm also pleased to hear there is a May class. We've been told indefinite hiring stoppage.
How does a guy with only 2,500 hours get a 737 job with over 9000 pilots on furlough with a whole lot more experience then that?
It may be the military experience

It may be because he has served in the military. Some airlines lean heavily toward those who have given their time for their country.
My friend got a 737 job with Duetche BA and had been flying out of Frankfurt since last July,
he had only 340 hours...
so it's time that we begin to give people more respect who end up flying heavy metal with less hours than some of us...all we could do it to sit on this board and bash those guys...and yes, he never even got his CFI...been doing great and now has over 600 hours of 737-200 times...
Congratulations to the guy who got the 737! More power to you buddy. Fly Safe!
Not a flame bait, if you ever end up flying on this airline, take a peek and see how young some of the F/Os are...
same goes to BA, and most 'safe' European airlines...
Aloha hired me on 9-7, then rescinded it post 9-11. HAL-AQ merger made my prospects look even bleaker over the winter, so I never left the ASA pool (which I was already in throughout the COMAIR strike). Once the merger fell through and expansion became necessary, Aloha was kind enough to bring me back. I'm ALPA, and I'm not taking anyone's seat.
I have 2500 hours.....flew F/A-18 Hornets in the U.S. Navy ....
hired by Southwest Airlines to fly B-737....starting class soon....
Anyone else out there get the nod for a May class at ASA? The posting for June vacancies at DFW ops showed 2 DFW CRJ FOs, 5 DFW EMB FOs, 7 ATL ATR FOs, and about 5 each for ATL CRJ and EMB FOs (don't remember the exact numbers). The preliminary awards for June listed those awards (for Dallas) as going to new hires to be announced. Looks like a new hire class is indeed in the works but no one seems to have heard anything.

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