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ASA Class on 7/22??

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Ted Striker

Piece of the Portfolio
Dec 7, 2001

Just wondering if anyone out there has received notice of an ASA class starting on 7/22. I am upgrading to E-120 Capt. (because I am a massochist) and the only two on the class notice are me and an ATR f/o. Just wondering if we are going it alone or paired with the FNGs (I say that with love man!).
I don't know if new-hires show up on the same list that you do. I would be willing to bet that there is a class that just is finishing up Indoc, and will be joining you for EM2 systems and the rest of the goodies. I don't think it would make much sense for them to run a class for just the 2 of you guys, when there will surely be new hires soon to follow. (Then again, since when do things make sense around here:D )

Have fun in class, and thanks for bumping me back yet another number! (The story of my life.) I'll get back to Atlanta some day!

A fellow E120 slave...er, Captain.
There's a new hire class starting on 7/8 and with indoc taking 2 weeks that would have them starting systems on the 22nd.

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