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ASA Aplication

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Byron Ruiz

Jul 26, 2002
Hey guys! I just recently sent my aplication to ASA, last week some time and I call today to see what the status was, they said they haven't received it yet ???? it's been a week allready!!!! how long does it take??????? does any one knows??????
As I'm sure you can imagine, ASA is getting a fairly large number of applications and it takes time to go through them all. I know you only called once, but I wouldn't make a habit of continually calling to check its status. If you know someone with the company have them check instead....bugging the recruiting department is not going to give you the kind of attention you want. Give them time and if you're competitive you'll hear something...
Thanks Guys, I'll do that; I'll bug them like there is no tomorrow. But I think it will be nicer if I knew some one in ASA or any were, I thinks that's my biggest problem .......I don't know any one any were except the people I work with and that really makes things so hard it's Unbelievable
Thanks any ways and believe me, I'll be bugging them !!!!!

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