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As if Embraer hasn't F'd up our Careers Enough....

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They can barely keep that POS in the air with 2 pilots. Glad to see the year Embraer goes out of business though. 2020 is it?
Look at the bright side. You'll be able to hit the fat one and no one will know!:laugh:
Nah, the flying public is quite ignorant, but I believe many wouldn't like that idea.
So Embraer voted scope away??? Embraer builds airplanes, mainline pilots decide who flies them.

As to the substance of the article, this is a good opportunity to add two pilot language to all union contracts, just in case our retarded managers get any big ideas.

Yes I know the history of ALPA trying to require 3 pilots in a 737, this is different.
Maybe this crappy idea will work in underdeveloped parts of the world.

But, it crosses the line for the average American.

Americans won't even buy a low-priced Domino's pizza that tastes like s***. They proved that. Domino's was forced to redesign their process.

Likewise, Americans won't stand for a few things:
- Americans won't pay to use the lav.
- Americans won't pay for water onboard the plane.
- Americans won't tolerate a one-pilot aircraft.

Embraer is just desperate. Their marketing department is just trying to push the limits. It won't be wholly successful, though.
It's going to happen.

Get used to it.

We are going to join the brotherhood; Navigators, Flight Engineers, Barnstormers, Elevator Operators, Clipper sailors etc.

They all frothed at the mouth and said it could not happen; "People will not accept this, they will even choose to pay more to ride on ________ with a person driving." Yea, right.

It's not Embraer's fault. The sunset of our profession is visable.

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