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Arrow Air Hiring

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Plenty Long & Mighty Dry
Nov 22, 2004
Arrow Air Info

Anyone know if Arrow is hiring?? Is their home office in MIA? Any contact info? Possible to hand deliver a resume?

Also, what is it like there? Good work rules and QOL? Competitive Min's??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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They're probally hiring, since they got a brand-new-after-check-D Cargo DC-10 last Month (november)... That's arrow cargo, not arrow air, don't know if it makes any difference. Know about it cos it had it's Check D here in Brazil and i had done several hours on it...
doubt it

I work for Arrow Cargo (formally Arrow Air). They haven't hired any flight crew since Feb. 2005. Supposedly getting more DC-10s, but absolutely no rumors of new hiring. There have been a few short term furloughs earlier this year and we're all hoping another one doesn't materialize in the new year. If I hear of anything different, I'll post it; otherwise, don't hold your breath!!!
You never know though, the pilots are always the last to learn about anything! Good luck! (As new DC-10s come on line, they are phasing out DC-8s so things are static as far as growth is concerned)

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