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Army Reserve Fixed Wing Slots

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Semore Butts

Well-known member
Feb 15, 2002
One of the guys in he "Majors" Forum said I should post this here.

Sorry about the delay, it's here now.

This comes from my new Battalion Commander.

If you are a former military pilot, they will send you to the abbreviated "Fixed Wing" course or the 3 month Army Fixed Wing course.

Then it's off to Iraq for a 12 month rotation sometime in the future.

After that, if you wanna be in a C-12 unit (Ft. McCoy Wisconsin, Ft. Knox Kentucky, Los Alamitos California, Johnstown Pennsylvania, Willow Grove Pennsylvania, Ft. Rucker Alabama, your there! :thumbup:

If you wanna be a UC-35 Pilot and are already Army Fixed Wing qualified;

It's off to to 2 weeks of Fight Safety, then 2 weeks of Army jet training at Dobbins in Atlanta, then at some point after that it will be back to Iraq/AFghanistan/Kuwait for a 6 month tour.
The bases for UC-35 are Ft. Hood TX, Dobbins in Atlanta, or Ft. Bragg North Carolina.

Drop me a Resume and if it qualifies, I'll send you the Application Memo
If you have all this stuff, and are interested,or have questions, you can email [email protected].

Please put a number on the email so I can call you. (Not to pressure, I hate typing
Take care, Semore
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There's a fixed wing unit at Ft. Bliss, ELP, TX (RC7B) as well.

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