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Army Guard

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May 18, 2002
Can anyone tell me if there are any Army National Guard units (states) out there that are hugry for pilots. I keep hearing this from various posts, but I cant seem to find any actual information that could help me out.

I am a prior active service Army ATC, also spent some time in the f Guard as a UH-60 crew chief. Here's the rest of my story: I have earned a 4 year college degree, and currently possess an application packet for WOFT (through a local active recruiter) complete with a recently taken "qualified" flight physical, sec clearance, letters of rec, asvab, afast scores etc. Oh yeah, should I mention that I also received a 1year age waiver for my prior active service. I know that I am pretty much a shoe-in for selection at the next active board, but I would like to consider any Guard referrals, if possible. My reason is that I have a pretty darn good civilian job (non flying) that I would have alot of trouble giving up for the active job. I know the recruiter will be kind of pissed, but it is my life afterall.

Looking particularly for the Midwest or Southern states, but would consider the any of the Western states as well, since that is where I am originally from.

Any info is greatly appreciated.
I spent over ten years flying for the army as a warrant officer. If you have a good civilian job I would definitely stay there and find a guard or reserve slot. Also since you have a degree I would talk to an air guard recruiter or get on baseops.net and find a unit that wants to send people to UPT. I believe there is a C-17 unit that is looking hard in Mississippi or something like that. I guess what I'm trying to say is only go active duty as a last resort. The army has changed to do more with less. I spent a lot of my time doing additional duties like being the supply officer when I should have been out flying. After ten years I got out with 2,600 hours and I was a high time guy. Oh yeah if your married you're sure to love the deployments to Korea, Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

while i don't know of any specific units by name that are hiring, a look at the manning numbers across the board shows that the active and the reserve/guard are hurting for pilots BIG TIME. talking ARMY here.

assuming you don't know anyone personally in the unit i would just start cold-calling every unit in your area and tell them your story. you might strike paydirt.

guard is notorious for being who you know instead of what you know, but you may know the story there.

try searching for units on the net if you haven't already.

air inc also publishes a book called flying for the guard and reserve that has unit names and numbers for all the facilities (it's expensive)

here is another source, but i know it's outdated:


good luck!
Thanks so much for your responses. Since I am prior active Army, I know the good things about it and the bad things. I had a good time while I was in, but that was when I was 19 and with 0 education, experience etc.

I have much respect for those of you that took the plunge into active duty to fly. It would have been a good option for me a while ago, but the ADSO is just way to ridiculous especially with stop loss and all. I realize that you may get called up in the guard also, but I would rather take that chance.

I should mention that I spent 2 years already in the guard as a crew chief. It bothers me to call myself that because I think I flew around 3 or 4 times the whole time I was there before our unit deactivated and everyone went spilling into other units. Most of the time we would watch training videos or try to not be seen by senior NCO's and the CO. Like I said, just looking for some good units out there, that are in great need of pilots.

I still have faith in the Army, but just think that it would be foolish to sign an active duty contract with what I have been able to accomplish so far.

Thanks again!

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