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Army Fixed Wing Guard/Reserve jobs?

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Feb 6, 2002
I'm currently an Army Helo guy that is close to seperation. Are there any C-12/C-23/C-26 aviator slots out there in the Guard/Reserve that are willing to send someone to the MEFWQC?
Thanks for your time.


based upon the experiences of a couple of our pilots, boht fixed civilian jet captains who where rotar heads in the reserves/guard. They will only take military pilots who have gradualted from a military fixed wing course, and there are no school slots avaialbe for guard/reservists
It's been awhile since I've been in the Army Guard but based on a fairly recent conversation I had with a couple of current Guardsmen who went in the Guard as helicopter pilots with no fixed wing military MOS, but with fixed wing time,I'd say you'd probably have to go in as a rotary wing aviator and then wangle a fixed wing slot as these folks had to do. They got a Shorts,I think the Army calls it a Sherpa, slot. It goes without saying to check with the various units in your area.
One had limited fixed wing vis a vis the Naval Air Training Command, the other had thousands of hours in the Shorts as a commuter pilot, but no military fixed wing time.
The up side is you get some decent financial help as a part timer, the downside is you may have to rely on your CFI to build fixed wing time. That's what I had to do, but CFIing taught me a whole lot about civilian aviation.
Thanks gents for the replys. I was on the phone for several hours talking to alot of Army Guard/Reserve Fixed wing units and didn't have a whole lot of luck. From alot of people I've spoken with it seems easier to get an Air Guard Fixed wing slot (which requires commisioning, 1-2 years flight training/seasoning and waivers) as opposed to sending an Army Aviator who's already an experienced Multiengine FW driver to a 3 month course. But that statement reminds me of why I'm getting out of the active army anway.
Good luck! With your background and experience the USAF/ANG should scarf you up and I'm sure you'll do very well. By the time you're done all of the training the airlines will hopefully be hiring again.

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