Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act


Everyone loves Southwest
Nov 26, 2001
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Interesting to see this wording in the bill passed by the house allowing Airline pilots to carry guns as "Federal Flight Deck Officers". Seems your airlines couldn't prevent you from carrying a gun if you become a FFDO.

``(i) LIMITATION ON AUTHORITY OF AIR CARRIERS.--No air carrier shall prohibit or in any way refuse or discourage a pilot employed by the air carrier from becoming a Federal flight deck officer under this section. No air carrier shall--

``(1) prohibit a Federal flight deck officer from piloting an aircraft operated by the air carrier, or

``(2) terminate the employment of a Federal flight deck officer, solely on the basis of his or her volunteering for or participating in the program under this section.

With election time approaching its a good time to see how your legislator voted depending on your side of the issue. Here's the link:


Son of a son of a sailor
Nov 26, 2001
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this issue is currently being discussed in the senate, and it's a tougher battle. Here's some info for those of you who support armed crew members:

Immediate Action Required!

You’ve done FANTASTIC work in the House and helped us to secure a very strong
armed pilot bill. Nice job! Now, we return our focus to the Senate.

The best scenario for the cause of arming airline pilots would be to get a vote
on the issue before the full Senate as an independent measure (i.e., not as an
amendment to another bill). It’s an uphill fight, but we’ve fought those before
– and won – so we’re going to take a crack at this one!

What do we need from you? The usual – MAKE A PHONE CALL OR TWO!

Call Senators Daschle, Lott and Hollings and ask them to ALLOW THE FULL SENATE
TO CONSIDER THE ARMED PILOT ISSUE. Here are the phone numbers:

Senator Daschle, D-SD 202/224-2321
Senator Lott, R-MS 202/224-6253
Senator Hollings, D-SC 202/224-6121

We would like to see a vote on the armed pilot bill passed by the House last
week or a vote on the outstanding Smith/Boxer bill (S. 2554).

APSA members are truly unbelievable in their responsiveness to these requests.
You DO make a HUGE difference – SO KEEP IT UP!

Log on to our web site at for the latest and, as
always, thanks for your support and activism. We’ll get a vote in the Senate -
one way or another - and your advocacy will get us there!

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