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Ari-Ben Aviator Flight School

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Active member
Mar 11, 2002
Does anyone have any information on this flight school located in Fort Pierce, Fl. I'll take the good and the bad:eek:) Thanks!
Come on now..............somebody please give me some input. Surely, someone has heard of this school???
Send a PM to "flytovegas". She had a.....unique experience.

I called there for info, and asked for the chief flight instructor. The guy who answered the phone said: (are you ready for this?) "Who wants to know?"

Sounded like bad mojo to me.
do a search on this board u'll find a lot of stuff written about them. people have different experience but my view is that its cheap and best multi time in the whole u.s.a. they have a good course of 200 hrs multi time in 25000$ with CFI,CFII and MEI included. so even after the whole course u don't want to work for them u'll end up with 200 hrs of multi time and thats great. management sucks as they say a lot of things that r not true and don't expect a special treatment, money rules. no fancy facility compare to pan am or flight safety but they have 6 duchess up and running and 7 cessna 172's. maintenece is good and the planes r well kept considering the fact that they r more than 20 yrs old. so if you are looking for cheap and good quality of multi flying thats the school. if you have tons of money then u can go to fs or pan am. don't take my word go and have a look and if you need anything more pm me..
good luck......

Check that its three greens.........
Stay away from Aviator. This school is a bunch of shiesters and most of the students are foreign for a reason. They were based in North Dallas for quite a while at ADS. Its the only place that I have ever seen where three people can log PIC in a BE-76 at the same time. They had a crash in the Dallas area about a year before ther moved. I heard it was realted to piss poor maintaince. Take it from me, i have worked for several flight schools in my day and this id one of the worst ones I have ever seen.
That crash had nothing to do with poor maintenance, but with an examinar who pulled the throttle just after TO. They both died!

In my opinion, the maintenance is good and you can fly 24H a day. The think they're professional, but they're not.

That three people can log PIC at the same time sounds bull to me.

As they said before, Cheap and fast. Thats the only positive side of that school!

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