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Areas of Operation for Comm SEA

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Dec 15, 2001
If the POH doesn't list the procedures for a soft/short field take off or landings, do I need to worry about demonstrating them on the Practical? I'm taking the test in a 1957 Bonanza H-35 and I'm sure I could demonstrate a short field TO by climbing out at Vx to 50' and then acclerating to Vy, just wondering if any of you would have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
PTS requirements

Yes, you do have to worry about demonstrating shorts and softs on your practical. Not sure about coming up with speeds or procedures for your maximum performance takeoff. For your maximum performance landings, for your speed on final multiply Vso by 1.3.

Look up these procedures in the Flight Training Handbook and do what it says. It provides guidance on recommended speeds to use in lieu of POH speeds or lack thereof. You can't go wrong if you execute a procedure exactly the way the FAA tells you.

Another thought I just had is to try the American Bonanza Society. I'm sure it has a website.

Good luck on your practical.
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I'm in the same boat. I fly an older 35 and was going to call Reytheon for their comments. They probably won't be of much help, but should be able to point me in a good direction. Just remember, any procedures used should have some form of FAA approval - even if it's just general guidlines. I would expect the examiner to question the source of the procedure used if it's not in the POH. Otherwise, contact the FED or DE directly - see what they have to say. Best of luck.

Are you flying out of Arlington, WA?


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