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Area 51 is hiring.

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If only i had the hours...I can but the type rating...I already have the security clearance...

Oh well, maybe in a few years...

jetpig32 said:
"Janet" airlines looking for 737 typed pilots. Based in LAS. You get to work alongside aliens.

I thought Bush was going harder on letting illigals into the country?
>>Any way a civilian can get that kind of security clearance to apply there?<<

Sure. Join the military, get the clearance, then get out. The whole process should take from four to ten years, depending on whether or not you fly in the service.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Slug said:
Any idea on salary?

As I understand it, starting FO pay is about $60K a year. Was going to interview with them, but the People Department came to the rescue!:beer: :D

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