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Arch Shembal Tapes about radar usage?

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Well-known member
Jun 11, 2003
I am probably not even spelling his name right because Google has nothing on it. But the other day while cruising around an old timer mentioned these age old tapes that used to be something he had to watch whenever he got a new job.

It is several hours long and it is supposed to be very dry. However he said it was an excellent, in depth source of information about airborne radar. He mentioned a lot of stuff I have not ever heard about so now I want to watch this tape.

Any ideas how/where to get these tapes?
Archie's mistake was not taping one of his live presentations, which would have some audience interaction to break it up a bit. Instead the whole thing is just Archie presenting his lecture in an empty AA (IIRC) training center classroom. He has some great information, but the presentation is so dry it's like reading the dictionary. Good material though if you can get through it.

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