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April 25th, 26th Interview EJA in STL

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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
I have an interview with EJA in STL on April 25, 26 in STL. I would like to hear from anyone else who has an interview on those dates. I'm staying at the Marriott. Send me a message if you want to swap notes.

Thanks, and Good Luck!

Don't forget to post your experience on Aviationinterviews.com.

Also, what was your application timeline?

I put my resume in the first part of December. Two weeks later I received the application form and sent everything in around the third week in December. In the first week of January I received the letter stating I meet the requirements and would get a call for an interview. I received the phone call the first part of March for an April interview date.

I hope this helps, keep plugging along. If you received the letter stating you will get an interview, I was told that you will get a call, its just a matter of when.

Good Luck!
Passed up by yet another lucky soul....


I can't seem to figure that place out. I applied in November and received the "will call for interview" letter December 11th. I just talked to someone on the interview staff a couple weeks ago and they said they are just now getting to the apps. that came in during the first two weeks of OCTOBER! But Peardc10 applied AFTER I did and is getting an interview and thus passing me by. Now I was told that letters of rec. don't move you ahead in the pile at all...it's all first come first served in the order the apps. came in. So what gives? Is there some new math out there I need to know about. In case you haven't guessed, I still haven't heard a thing.

Frustrated out of work guy

P.S.- Congrats Peardc10 on your interview...good luck!
Still waiting too. I called in Feb. and was told the earliest I could expect an interview was late May. At that time they were working on the Oct. Apps. Got my letter around 12/15 or so. Peardc has a lot of time, maybe that's what they're looking for now. Still hopeful...
Thanx and congrats Peardc10. Good luck!

Well let's see someone with ratings in DC10, B737, B727, LR35, CE500 - not a big mystery who's gonna get called first. It is not first sent, first interviewed - I've been waiting since Jan. too!!
please be patient. things have slowed down dramatically lately. the interview/hiring/training depts have been overwhelmed. they've taken some time to slow things down, get the guys they did hire trained and on the road.

also, the original forecasts showed high turnover numbers. however, with the major airlines not hiring (for the most part) pilots aren't leaving. also, the quality of new hires has gone up dramatically - it wasn't unusual to have a 25% washout rate during initial training (one class actually had 50%!). that number has gone to practically zero.

yesterday's class that finished only had six pilots. next week's class only has seven. these are the smallest classes we've had in years.

don't worry, the new planes are still being delivered at the rate of one every 5-6 days. if you're qualified, keep the app updated and give them a courtesy call every once in awhile. the numbers will eventually pick up again.
Thanks for the info - I know things are REALLY BAD! I have airline friends fighting over pizza jobs. I feel lucky I even got an interview letter from EJA, pilots can't even get an application from them anymore. Is the BBJ as much fun as it looks?

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