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Application update for AAI?

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wood pecker

Well-known member
Feb 25, 2004
I am trying to update my application due to >6 months have passed. Do I have to withdraw my previous app and start from scratch or is there another way to update without staring all over?

The online application page allows me to login but will not let me change anything unless I want to delete myself and start from the beginning.

Thank you.
Apparently, this on-line app is an odious piece of junk, which, if it was designed by our IT people, is hardly surprising.

My guess is your time would be better spent hitting up your buddies to walk your stuff in and following up on that . . .
Woodpecker - I've seen your posts in the past, I'm glad you don't give up and keep trying.

Tell your friends to walk in your resume once a month or so and go to job fairs (ATL in Nov?), that’s your best bet. Don't worry too much about your online application, as long as you actually have one - you'll be fine. When you interview you will be given a printout of your original online application with space provided for any additions and/or corrections. So your online application doesn’t really need to be up-to-date because you’ll bring it up-to-date during your actual interview. Good luck to you.

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