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APDL tech idiot question

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Well-known member
May 28, 2008
Those of you who use these electronic log books...

1) do you transfer the data to anything else (written log book etc)?

2) if not, do you just bring these print outs to an interview?
I email mine to Kinkos and have it printed and bound. Comes out nice with no addition errors and more importantly, it isn't all done in my chicken scratch. Additionally, you can break down every aspect of your experience.

I've heard arguments against it but here is my counter. You have a degree in basket weaving. You and another applicant are trying for the same job. The other person has no degree but you have identical experience. Who gets the job? Likely you because you've demonstrated you are willing go above and beyond. Same goes for APDL in my opinion. It is above and beyond the handwritten book.
I'll second that. The time's I've presented the printed electronic logbook, the response has been nothing but positive. I've had several comments about the professional presentation.

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