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AOPA says Meigs is saved!

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Nov 28, 2001
According to AOPA:

11/29/01 7:01:20 PM ET — Illinois and Chicago officials are finalizing a deal that would keep Meigs Field airport open until at least 2026. According to a report in Crain's Chicago Business, it's all part of a larger deal that will give Chicago Mayor Richard Daley the power he needs to expand O'Hare International Airport. At the same time, the city won't oppose state efforts to build a new airport outside Chicago in Peotone. AOPA has confirmed that the deal, including protection for Meigs, is to be included in the Transportation Appropriations bill that is scheduled to come up for a vote in conference committee this evening.
That's great news...I have been worried about Meigs for a while...it really sucks to have a wonderful airport and in the Main lobby is the mayor's plan for turning it into a park...thanks for the update...
Park? You mean casino??

I heard that the plan was to turn the property into a "gaming" area. Boaters off Lake Michigan can pull right up to the Casino, etc. It is ideal property for such an idea. OF cocurse, there would be some type of "park" area on the property.

I am excited about Meigs. I have been into the airport quite a few times (small piston a/c & turbo-props). I am glad that it will be around a little bit longer.
They spoke too soon. Late last night the state and the city deadlocked over who had to fund a $4 mil annual shortfall. Never consider a deal done in Chicago until you get one of the ceremonial pens they use to sign the legislation.

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