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Nov 25, 2001
Total Time
The AOPA fly-in is this weekend in Frederick, Maryland. You can drive in, too. If you fly, be ready for an intersting experience as they manage the traffic flow to the airport. Get the paper sheet at your FBO or call AOPA today and get it faxed or emailed to you. It will explain this unusual procedure.

The weather is forecast to be sunny. Rod Machado and a bunch of other people will give seminars. There's a static display of new and restored aircraft. They give away a nice Garmin GPS as a door prize each year. Come on over, and join if you are not already a member. This is the organization who did the most to keep pilots flying after 9/11, helping to get VFR windows opened to ferry aircraft out of enhanced class B areas, and getting TFR's lifted or modified.

Florida and California people have their own version of this at other times of the year, but this is the "home turf" event, and if you love flying, you'll have a good time.