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anything happening at chautauqua ??

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They are calling back six of the terminated pilots, but not by using the old seniority list. All of the Saab pilots are getting a royal screwing from the company and their union (teamsters). The local union reps are in bed with the company and will do nothing to correct the problem. Most of the pilot group could care less either. If you are still looking for a job when CHQ starts hiring again, all I can say is stay clear of this sinking ship.
Despite the stupid comment above, CHQ is an exellent company to work for. I've been there 1 1/2 year and I love it.
Management was undoubtedly wrong when it decided to terminate 125 pilots out of seniority, but at least it seems that it's trying to repair the situation.
We feed a couple of financially unstable airlines, but the load factor is picking up quickly.
The company is expanding, although very slowly (we are getting rid of all the Saabs to go all jet).
You'll read some negative comments by idiotic people who don't have a clue, but CHQ is definately a top airline to work for.
If interested in working here, give Rosa Mosely a call (pilot hiring).
You'll love it.
drinkin the water at Chit

"I've been there 1 1/2 year and I love it" - WOW 18 MONTHS. Man you've been around too see it all haven't you. It must feel real good to work where guys senior to you are on the street.
Stupid comments? My previous comments are absolutely 100% true statements about what is happening right now at CHQ. I am one of the terminated Saab pilots! They are trying to repair the situation? Not even close! That would involve correctly recalling the terminated pilots in order of seniority, and they sure as hell are not doing it.

If interested in working here, give Rosa Mosely a call (pilot hiring).

Are you smoking crack?

Yeah, give her a call and stab the backs of all of the pilots that were terminated on October 1st. Man, you're part of the reason why this whole mess is even being allowed to occur.

I think aceshigh said it best!
You state thay Chataqua is providing feed for some "financially Unstable Airlines". You call American Airlines financially unstable??? Don't worry. You guys will stop feed in STL as soon as we win our scope grievence and the REAL American feed can move in. Get REAL
to the termiated guys who posted above
1st: the fact that pilots were terminated means that they don't have seniority (how can the company call back out of seniority?)
2nd: nobody (repeat, nobody) in the pilot group sided with the company. we ALL refused (and most are still refusing) to work overtime (in fact, the company threatened us to take us to cout), and if you go to v1rotate you can read about our sentiments about the whole situation.
3rd: go to v1rotate and you can read about the reasoning behind the decision to terminate instead of furloghing. whether you want to accept it or not is up to you. the truth is that CHQ was really loosing a lot of money (remember that we're not Eagle or Comair).
4th: who, in my opinion, fault the most was the union. it hasen't done ANYTHING for the terminated guys.
Finally, i used to work for a company who terminated me (as well as 11 other colleagues) to then hire 12 pay-for-training pilots...i know how it feels. i never talked badly about the company. that's what happened, too bad i was one of the unfortunate (although it wroked out to be a blessing for me).
What i'm trying to say is that what CHQ did wasen't certainly right (the whole industry agree with you), but please move on.
the industry is slowly recovering. i'm positive that shorlty all the terminated guys will be back in the air.
i wish all of you luck.
I'm gonna get flamed to death ...

Folks, I try not to get in the middle of these p*ssing contests, but I can't sit aside any longer.

I don't work for CHQ (or any other 121 carrier for that matter) but two good friends of mine are ERJ FOs who survived last year's carnage. They are both grateful to still have jobs (especially the one who bid off the Saab just in the nick of time), and I don't blame them. I think making the guys who are there because the company decided to foxtrot-uniform-charlie-kilo over certain members of the pilot group feel guilty is pretty low. My friends, and the other survivors, can't help the company's poor taste and indefensible actions. Some of you guys act like the entire pilot group, to a man, should walk out the door in some sort of protest. If they did, they'd all be just as unemployed, and CHQ wouldn't have the least bit of trouble replacing the whole **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** group in this day and age, now would they?

Look, I'm as sympathetic as anybody to the plight of the unemployed ... I'd be an Eaglet if it weren't for Osama-bin-hatin-us, but here I sit CFI-ing instead. I think CHQ screwed those guys, but I don't think the rest of the pilot group should feel guilty about it. I sure don't think they need to shoot themselves in the foot over it ... talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! The people on the board who were fired ... I'm very sorry. Your company screwed you over royally, and nobody deserves that. However, your fellow CHQ-ers worked as hard as you did to get where they are, and they don't deserve to be beaten over the head for something they had nothing to do with.

It is time for all of us to quit p*ssing in somebody else's pool ... I'm fresh out of chlorine. I for one will do everything I can to help myself and my fellow pilots achieve every success they can in our ultra-competitive industry, but I'm not going to sit around b*tching and moaning about every screw-over somebody's gotten. Being screwed in this business is like divorces and furloughs ... it sure as hell sucks, but it has happened to most of us at least once.

Tailwinds ....


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