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Anyone know where these 747-400ERF's are headed???

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Whale Rider

Unity is Our Strength
Nov 9, 2004
SEATTLE, July 5, 2005 -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] today confirmed that Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GPR), the U.S.-based aviation investment firm acting on behalf of the Guggenheim Aviation Investment Fund LP (GAIF), has placed an order for six 747-400ER Freighters valued at approximately US$1.37 billion at list prices.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in late 2006 and continue through the first half of 2008. These airplanes were added to the Boeing orders and deliveries Web site on June 30, attributed to an unidentified customer.

"Guggenheim Aviation Partners recognizes the value of the Boeing 747-400 Freighter family as the standard for the air cargo market," said Guggenheim Executive Officer Stephen Rimmer. "The 747-400ER Freighters will fit well with and extend our 747 freighter leasing strategy, which was designed to capitalize on the dynamic air cargo market."

"Guggenheim Aviation Partners’ purchase of these new aircraft to be offered on lease to our cargo airline customers will extend Harry and Daniel Guggenheim’s legacy in the aviation industry by providing investment capital at a critical juncture for the industry," said Peter Lawson-Johnston Jr. of Guggenheim Partners (the sponsor of GAIF) and Guggenheim family member.

The global air cargo industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the aviation market. Boeing projects in its World Air Cargo Forecast 2004/2005 that the air cargo industry will grow at an average annual rate of 6.2 percent, significantly higher than passenger traffic. Cargo traffic growth rates in excess of seven percent are projected for Asian routes – the largest increases in the world over the next 20 years.

In October 2004, Guggenheim also purchased five 747-400 Special Freighters which will become available to operators starting in 2007, with four aircraft already placed in Special Freighter configuration with Martinair. Guggenheim currently owns a total of 11 Boeing airplanes, eight of which are leased to operators, with three in freighter conversion programs.

"The 747-400 Freighter family is the clear favorite of the world’s leading freighter operators, and Guggenheim is positioning itself as a leader in freighter leasing," said Scott Carson, vice president of Sales – Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "Guggenheim’s 747 Freighter commitment clearly demonstrates Guggenheim’s foresight in the aviation industry and its continued confidence that the 747 freighter will continue to play the leading role in meeting the needs of the air cargo industry now and in the future."

The 747-400ERF has a maximum takeoff weight of 910,000 pounds (412,775 kg) and a maximum payload of 248,600 pounds (112,760 kg). The airplane's range of 4,970 nautical miles (9,200 km) makes it ideal for routes such as New York to Frankfurt, London to Seoul, or Tokyo to Los Angeles. Typical 747-400ERF cruise speed is 560 mph (901 km/h).

Eighteen of the world’s top cargo carriers have ordered 126 747-400 and -400ER Freighters. The Boeing 747 Freighter family provides more than half the world's freighter capacity.
Alright, let's start some trouble... UPS.
Would make sense for them to go to either Polar or Atlas. That is if they are going to go to a U.S. operator.
This story (rumor) was relayed to me by a UPS manager recently:

Air Cargo Carriers pilot talks to a UPS MD-11 pilot in a crew lounge somewhere one night and get talking about new airplanes. MD11 dude procedes to say he was flying somewhere around the PAC rim and heard an airplane with an odd Boeing callsign. They switched to air-to-air to shoot the bull, and the MD pilot asks the Boeing guy what he's flying and where he's going. Anonymous Boeing pilot says he is flying a 747-400 to Singapore to get a cargo door put on it. When the MD pilot asks who for, the Boeing pilot replys "UPS, they've got 21 of these things on order."

You heard it here first!:rolleyes:
BoilerUP said:
This story (rumor) was relayed to me by a UPS manager recently...
I heard drinking smoothies made with papaya and kiwi will make your penis larger. Seriously, I heard it from a guy whose brother-in-law is having an affair with Tom Cruise.

I also heard UPS is changing their color from brown to red. Supposedly, they want to expand more into China, so it’s a political thing. I heard this from my uncle who heard it from a cab driver who’s a Chinese refugee. The cab driver was smuggled over here through fiber-optic telephone lines.

Or at least that’s what I heard.

All six are going to Atlas/Polar.

Also, it's official: Atlas is going to change to the Polar certificate next year, and all the Atlas/Polar planes will be under the Polar operating certificate. This is actually old news, but I hadn't seen it posted.
I heard ASTAR AIR CARGO was looking at them. Something about replacing NWA to NRT and DLH to BRU.

Don't forget that guy who bought Panam logo also put some on order as the 747-100's broke Panam the 400's will revive.
And that's officialy and amazingly true only depending on what side of the bed you have been sleeping.
Boeing needs some of these 747-400 orders to keep the production line going until the ADV is ready.
Here they go (2 of them)

2 of them going to Bluebird Cargo, member of FL group (Icelandair) see http://www.flgroup.is/en/news/detail/store1/item906/ :

Increased emphasis on international freighting, with expansion into new markets
• Two new Boeing 747-400 ERF cargo aircraft leased in for Bluebird Cargo operation
• Expanding cargo services into the Asian market

The FL Group subsidiary Bluebird Cargo has signed a letter of intent for a ten-year lease of two new Boeing 747-400 ERF cargo aircraft from Guggenheim in the USA. These are to come out of production in June 2007 and March 2008, and will go into the Bluebird Cargo operation. This is a milestone for FL Group, as it is the first time that a company within the Group has undertaken the operation of a Boeing 747.
Hannes Smárason says the agreement is in line with the company’s objective of rapid growth on the international cargo market. “The purchase of Bluebird Cargo by FL Group earlier this year was an indication of the company’s policy too seek growth opportunities in cargo and charter operations all over the world,” he says, “and the management of Bluebird aim at taking part in the huge growth that is currently taking place in cargo carriage.”
Just to stir the pot........
No one has mentioned start-up Jade Cargo International. Most of the cargo growth is overseas, particularly in Asia and Jade Cargo is a joint-venture all cargo airline headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Expected to launch in Summer 2006, they have recently acquired SIX B747-400ERFs although I'm not sure if it was through Guggenheim. Since the figure is EXACTLY the same, my money is on them.