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anyone know about Northrop?

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New member
Jan 6, 2002
I have seen their ad posted at www.avcrew.com (http://www.avcrew.com/jobs/pilots/index.htm) but beyond knowing that they're a defense contractor anyone know about their flight department?

what's it like? pay? schedules? anyone have any inside information? how do you get a call back?

do people like it there? do they stay? would you go there? if so or if not - then why?

thanks in advance.

I did hear that they were not interviewing furloughed guys, heard the pay was in the 60-70 range with excellent benefits. Good luck
I know a couple of guys who worked for Northrop Grumman at the HHR (near LAX) location. One was the Chief Pilot for a while. The other was a Citation X Captain when he left for SWA. I believe the CP left when there was a change in upper management and some conflicts arose. The one working for SWA left because he was never home. I believe the pay is good, but be prepared to work a lot. Another person I used to work with is still at Northrop Grumman in a Florida (Melbourne maybe?) location. I'm not sure what she flies, but she's been there quite a while. More than six years I believe.
I do know that they are busy.I'm near the HHR location and used to know people there. I do know that out of HHR they have a corporate shuttle between there and Palmdale. Equipment used are King Air 200, Beech 1900, twin otter. Also they may still have some lears left, but I haven't seen them in a while at HHR. The Citation X flies a lot. Hope this helps.
I work for Northrop Grumman, but not in the corporate flight dept. PM me if you have any questions.
The fact that they are posting on AvCrew.com all the time should tell you something. If the job was that good, they wouldn't always need people.

I flew with a guy on the Citation X who left to go fly for Northrop out of the Los Angeles area. Word has it, he was asking for his old job back a few months later for quite a bit less money.

I also ran into a Northrop Citation Excel pilot in EGE a few months back and he said when they weren't doing part 91 flying for the company they were doing 135 trips for EJA. Basically, he said they were being worked to death. The Northrop execs were obviously try to get every dime out of their aircraft.

So to answer you question, my second hand information leads me to believe the job pays fairly well, but you won't have much of a life outside of you job.
Here you go one more

:eek: :eek: Citation Excel 560 & DCH-6 Pilots (LA) 02/04

Northrop Grumman Aviation, Inc., is seeking to hire full and part-time DCH-6 and Citation Excel pilots for their New Orleans location. Minimum requirements include APT, 3000 PIC,

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