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Anyone jumpseat on fedex out of mem?

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Mar 21, 2006
I am listed to jumpseat tonight out of Memphis and I have never been through the process. Is there a place for us to park our car? Where is it if so? If not, where do I take a cab?

I also have this question on the cargo side, but thought offline guys would be a good source...
It's been a few years, but I believe you can go to the main gate at fed ex and get permission to park at their north parking lot on democrat and then walk or take their shuttle to the ops building. if you fly commercial into mem and then need a ride to the fed ex side, you can head downstairs the to pickup area and just wait/look for some fedex guys waiting for a ride and ask them if it's ok to ride their shuttle with them ( i was never once turned down)...fed ex won't send the shuttle to pick you up, but if it's already there you can bum a ride...it's usually about every 15-20 minutes on average (used to be). if you're at thier ops and need to get to the commercial side, then go up to the dispatch window at thier ops center and let them know you need to get to the commercial side and ask NICELY if there's anyway you could ride along with the next shuttle going over. Again, they won't send a special shuttle for you...but they'll tell you to hang out and they'll send you on the next one taking a fedex guy over there....(about 20% of the time i'd guess, after about 10-15 minutes they'd send me out on a shuttle alone..again this was all 5 years ago...things may have changed). If you have to commute on another carrier...Fedex is one of the best. Also if you are leaving a car at one of thier outstations and commuting into MEM...make sure you arrange parking with the guardshack when you sign in for your commute flight (not when you are on the 24/hr jumpseat desk making the reservation). One other lesson I learned...if you have the option of taking an earlier widebody, vs a later narrow body (727)...take the earlier widebody....you will get to mem on schedule. You may or may not get there when advertised on the narrowbody as they will occasionaly re-reoute the narrowbody to "clean-up" frieght along the way to mem...or even overfly mem to pick up a pallet to and then go back to mem.

Again, great bunch of guys and company...but plan ahead.
Thanks for the info. I am memphis based and trying to get to ANC my home. Their direct flight is one of the reasons I chose this base. My plan is to park in their lot if they allow it.
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