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Anyone interviewed by Airnet this week?

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Get some Frasca time if you never flew it before, but PCATD will do too. Study the Gleim IFR written and multi aero dynamics. Might want to read up the gouge on the HR stuff at aviationinterviews.com. Good luck, it's a great company. I loved the atmosphere, cant wait to find out if I am in.

Don't have an answer to your question, but i do have a few questions of my own if you've got the time....

Did you happen to notice which model frasca they're using at Airnet for the sim eval? Is it the 142 hopefully? And, which aircraft did they have it set to?

Thanks in advance. Hope you get good news very soon.

Frasca 142, set up for a Baron, current CFII should have no problems with it. Get some time in any PCATD, you should be fine. Or just get some actual :)
Yes, a former student of mine is going to training in a couple of weeks. He was in a group of 3 and interviewed 8/30 i think. One guy may have blown it - by interupting the others and being rude etc.
I interviewed by myself, and unfortunately, got the bad news letter a few days back. Thanks for all the replies, though.
Beats me...Just got the letter saying they won't be able to offer me a position in class...Probably because I had 27 hours multi going in, and a few hours shy of a 1000 total
any new news? Just got a call today...going wednesday.

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