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Anyone hiring street captains?

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Working for Mr. Henry
Feb 21, 2002
I know this is probably not as common as it was a few years ago, but does anyone know of any regional (big or small) hiring street captains? I'd be commuting out of the Pacific NW so I'm mainly interested in anything west of or in Denver, but would be interested in hearing what's out there, no matter the location. I've heard Great Lakes and Island Air might be, but beyond that nothing. If so, is it possible to get/hold a line, and what is pay like?
Also, has anyone had any experience doing this? Does it work for or against you in the long run. Just wondering--thanks for any help anyone can give.

I understand that Island Air in Hawaii is, however, I am not sure of any details. From what I hear it requires alot of experience and flight times to get hired as a street captain.
Great Lakes doesn't hire street captains anymore. The company said it was not nearly as cost effective as they had hoped, and besides, with the lack of attrition and that fact we are stacked on captains, the time to upgrade has slowed significantly...Sorry!
Does anyone know:
1. What BM's domiciles are?
2. What the schedules for a new cpt would be like (commutable)?
3. Pay?
4. Training contract?

Thanks for the help.

BMA's domicile is Portsmith. There looking into another domicile in Stanford, FL. The schedule for pretty much everyons is 6 on 1 or 2 off. Starting pay fora captain is 33,000 to 35,000 . There is a five year training contract. Hope this helps.

USA Jet Airlines either will be hiring street captains soon, or they have preference for them so they can upgrade quickly if needed.

They are currenly only hiring into the Falcon-20s now (also have DC-9s), and have been interviewing people with a # of jet pic time and some with Falcon 20 time and/or type rating.

Cargo, near DTW.

Hi, APTCliff
Are you Furloughed from TSA?? I remember seeing your call name on TSALounge. Im also Furloughed from TASSA!! as well.
Where are you on the Fur... List,

I think Island Air still may be looking at street captains, but be aware that failure rate is VERY high, and most people end up either as FO's or wash out of street captain gig.

Good luck

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