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Anyone hired by AA to start in Oct. 01?

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Master of the Cowbell
Dec 11, 2001
I'm looking for anyone hired by AA and scheduled to start in Oct. 01 (Pre-9/11). Please post a message to this board.

Hey, I was given the conditional hire letter sometime the beginning of August and went to the physical end of August. I was told to expect an October class date. I've never been able to get any information as to what to expect now. One of the guys in my interview class got in touch with Doris from personnel. But she said they hadn't decided what to do with those who didn't make it to class. Obviously, AA has much more on their hands to deal with right now.

Nocturnal 1,
I had the Oct 1 class date and got the cancellation on Sep 13. Right now its still to early to tell what AA will do with us, simply because they don't know themselves yet. The recruiting office is closed but you can call Doris and leave a message. I think ultimately when AA starts hiring again (whenever that may be) they will call us - and if still available, invite us for another interview/facecheck. But that's just my personal opinion. Good luck to you and keep us informed if you hear anything.
Yeah, it sucks to get so far and yet get absolutly nothing. I had at least hoped for some kind of pool or something. I hope they do the right thing and call us first after the furloughs return to work.
I emailed Scott Hansen at AA and asked if we were in a hiring pool. He said they may consider those of us in the post Sep 11 classes for priority when they start hiring again, then again, we may not get any priority at all and may have to start over again. It was pretty much a non-answer that he gave me. I can understand though. They don't know, and he doesn't want to commit either way, not having a good answer.
Oct AA class

To all of those of you that have replied thanks. I will try to put out any new information as I get it also. I would like to start a group like the Southwest pool guys but am not computer literate enough. If anyone out there in our group is, please post. I think that's the best way to keep everyone in the loop.

As I'm sure you all know the December furloughs didn't happen. The other rumor on the street is that the union is talking to the company regarding training/spin-up for the returning pilots. Retraining/training will also have to take place for those displaced by the retirement of the -727's early. Latest guess is maybe March. The Thanksgiving numbers (load factor) were very good compared to expected and Christmas will play a big part in the recall.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas. Keep the faith.

Cheers to you all!
I had everything done and was expecting an OCT 29 class. I sincerely hope they remember us when the hiring spools up again, no matter when it happens. Can you imagine sending in another hundred dollars to apply. I hope they do the right thing.
I really hate to be the bearer of bad tidings (this being the Christmas season and all), but the last time this happened in 93', everyone started from scratch. I know a Squadron-mate of mine that got the exact same shaft. Sorry guys, but expecting AMR to do the right thing is like UBL eating a Ham sandwich with his left hand while drinking a Bud. It ain't going to happen.

Just remember, the guys that were already in school were initially given NO recall rights even though they had seniority numbers. AMR initially asked for scope relief and the abolition of the Flow back provision (Supt W.) in exchange for something that the "School House 105" already had; seniority numbers.

Like I said, hate to dim your hopes, such is life at AMR. I will continue to pass along any info I have, (good, bad, indifferent) and hopefully I will be proven wrong. I agree, this is a Sh**ty way to do "bidness", but is one in a long list of items (to include denying people with less than 3000hrs flow back just to save $$$$) that the powers to be seem to think will build morale.

Just remember, the beatings will end as soon as your mood improves.


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TWA Dude:

Hey you are right, wrong place, wrong time and my post has been edited accordingly, sorry I struck a nerve. I would be happy to discuss this with you any place and any time, but here is not the right thread.

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